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Fantasy console inspired by pico8, tic80 and liko12, written in c++
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Guys, this branch is used for porting neko8 to c++. It is not stable or usable yet, we will announce, when it will be.


Neko8 is a fantasy console, inspired by pico8, liko12 and tic80. It is open-source and fully free. Its goal is to be a fun and useful tool for game development and especially for game jams.

Currently it features:

  • Pico8-like api
  • Code editor
  • Sprite editor
  • Map editor prototype
  • Terminal
  • Build-in API docs
  • Support for both lua and asm programming (planning add BASIC support)
  • Some easter eggs ;)

Our developers can be found on discord.

Installing ang running

Download and extract the source. In the root folder run:

love .

You will need löve2d 0.10.2 to run neko8. Löve2d version is really important!


If you'd like to contribute to neko8, feel free to fork and make pull requests! However, we ask you to follow the formatting guidelines for this project.

  • Use non-expanded, i.e. the regular, tabs.
  • Keep a maximum line length of 80 characters.
  • Double quotes are preferred over single quotes.
  • Don't use concatenation where string.format would be more beneficial.
  • If unsure how to format something, check how it's formatted in existing code.