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Run any Node.js version.

This executes a file, command or REPL using a specific Node.js version.

Unlike nvm run it:

  • is 10 times faster
  • does not need a separate installation step for each Node version
  • works on Windows
  • does not require Bash
  • is installed as a Node module (as opposed to a Bash installation script downloaded with curl)

This executes a single file or command. To run a specific Node.js version for an entire project or shell session, please use nvm, nvm-windows, n or nvs.


# Same as `node` but with Node 12
$ nve 12
Welcome to Node.js v12.8.0.
Type ".help" for more information.
> .exit

# Same as `node file.js` but with Node 8
$ nve 8 file.js

# Any Node CLI flag can be used
$ nve 8 --print 'process.version'

# Run a specific version
$ nve 8.10.0 --version

# Run the latest Node version
$ nve '*' --version

# Use a version range
$ nve '<8' --version


You can try this library:


npm install -g nve

node >=8.12.0 must be globally installed. However the command run by nve can use any Node version.



This is exactly the same as:

node [ARGS...]

But using a specific Node version. Any Node CLI flag can be passed.

VERSION can be any version range such as 12, 12.6.0 or <12.

Initial download

The first time nve is run with a new VERSION, the Node binary is downloaded from under the hood. This initially takes few seconds. However subsequent runs are almost instantaneous.

A spinner will show the download progress. This can be disabled using the environment variable NVE_PROGRESS=0.

Native modules

If your code is using native modules, nve will work providing:

  • they are built with N-API
  • the target Node.js version is >=8.12.0 (since N-API was not available or stable before that)

Otherwise the following error message will be shown: Error: The module was compiled against a different Node.js version.

Node.js mirror

The binaries are downloaded from You can specify a mirror website using the environment variable NODE_MIRROR.



The following benchmarks compare the average time to run nve, nvm run and npx node:

nve:        68ms
nvm run:   852ms
npx node: 1385ms

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