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Readme file for eJSON

team: "Javier Velilla, Jocelyn Fiat"
previous contributors: "Paul Cohen"
date: "2014-nov-17"

1. Introduction

eJSON stands for Eiffel JSON library and is a small Eiffel library for dealing
with the JSON format. This library provides a JSON parser and visitors,
including a pretty printer.

The converters part is now obsolete and not recommended (remember: the
objective of converters were to provide two basic features Eiffel2JSON and
JSON2Eiffel). There will be a new design for converters as a standalone
library on top of Current json library.

2. Legal stuff

eJSON is copyrighted by the author Javier Velilla, Jocelyn Fiat and others. It is licensed
under the MIT License. See the file license.txt in the same directory as this
readme file.

3. Versioning scheme

eJSON version numbers has the form:

   «major number».«minor number».«patch level»

eJSON will retain the major number 0 as long as it has beta status. A change in
major number indicates that a release is not backward compatible. A change in
minor number indicates that a release is backward compatible (within that major
number) but that new useful features may have been added. A change in patch
level simply indicates that the release contains bug fixes for the previous
release. Note that as long as eJSON is in beta status (0.Y.Z) backward 
compatibility is not guranteed for changes in minor numbers!

4. Documentation

Currently the only documentation on eJSON is available at:


5. Requirements and installation

EJSON requires that you have:

1. One of the following compiler combinations installed:
   * ISE Eiffel 13.11 or later.
   * gec [try to test]

eJSON probably works fine with other versions of the above compilers.
There are no known platform dependencies (Windows, Linux).

To install eJSON simply extract the ejson-X.Y.Z.zip file to some appropriate
place on your hard disk. There are no requirements on environment variables or
registry variables. 
Note eJSON is also delivered within EiffelStudio release, under

To verify that everything works you should compile the example programs and/or
the test program.

6. Contents of eJSON

All directory names below are relative to the root directory of your ejson

Directory   Description
---------   -----------
doc         Contains documentation file.
examples    Contains example codes.
library     Contains the actual eJSON library classes.
test        Contains test suite for eJSON.

7. Contacting the Team

Contact the team: 

 Javier Velilla «javier.hector@gmail.com»
 Jocelyn Fiat «jfiat@eiffel.com»

8. Releases

For more information on what was changed in each release look in the file

Version Date            Description
------- ----            -----------
0.6.0   2014-11-17      Fixed various issue with parsing string (such as \t and related),
						Implemented escaping of slash '/' only in case of '</' to avoid 
						  potential issue with javascript and </script>
						Many feature renaming to match Eiffel style and naming convention, 
						  kept previous feature as obsolete.
				        Restructured the library to make easy extraction of "converter" 
						  classes if needed in the future.
				        Marked converters classes as obsolete.
0.5.0   2013-11-dd      Added JSON_ITERATOR, simplified JSON_OBJECT
0.4.0   2012-12-12      Updated documentation URI
0.3.0   2011-07-06      JSON Factory Converters
0.2.0   2010-02-07      Adapted to EiffelStudio 6.4 or later, supports void-safety
0.1.0   2010-02-07      First release, Adapted to SmartEiffel 1.2r7 and EiffelStudio 6.2 or previous