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A Dataset of Cryptic Crossword Clues is a dataset of cryptic crossword clues, collected from various blogs and digital archives.

This repository contains:

  • The cryptics Python library to scrape various cryptic crossword blogs and parse the scraped blog posts into a structured dataset of cryptic crossword clues.
  • The docs, static files and templates needed to generate the static site for documentation.
  • Miscellaneous scripts and queries to publish and deploy the Datasette instance.

For more information, please see


This dataset is made available under the Open Database License. A human-readable summary is available here. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

HTML and CSS code was modified from pandoc-markdown-css-theme, which is licensed under the Blue Oak Model License. The remainder of the code is licensed under the MIT License.

Colophon is written in a mix of Python, Bash and SQL and is run on my personal laptop.

The data is published using Datasette and deployed on a Fly Trial Plan. Datasette has been remarkably easy to work with and a pleasure to use.

The documentation is a static site adapted from pandoc-markdown-css-theme.