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Keeps local repository up to date
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♻️ Easy to use and stable update of your repository.

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Real-time local repository update (every N time):

  • Auth — Authorization by HTTP (login/password) or SSH (private key);
  • Clone — When starting, it checks the presence of the repository at the specified path (if the repository already exists, it starts checking for updates, if not, it will first clone);
  • Fetch — Checks repository updates every N time;
  • Pull — As soon as the remote repository is updated - makes pull in the specified directory.

Build and run locally

$ git clone
$ cd git-sync && go build
$ ./git-sync <flags>

Docker container

The latest release is automatically published to the Docker registry.

You can run it like this:

$ docker run -d --name git-sync eikoshelev/git-sync


  • Description of the flags used: ./git-sync -h

  • git-sync defaults to using environment variables if the flags are not explicitly set at startup:

Environment variable Flag Description
GIT_SYNC_REPO -repo URL to remote repository, example: - for SSH, - for HTTP
GIT_SYNC_ROOT -dir Path to local directory for repository: /path/to/your/local/directory
GIT_SYNC_WAIT -timer Timeout for check update (fetch), default - 1m, for example 1s, 2m, 3h, etc
GIT_SSH_KEY_PATH -key Path to private SSH key for auth to the remote repository, for example - /$HOME/.ssh/id_rsa
SSH_KNOWN_HOSTS - Path to known_hosts file for work with remote repository, default - /$HOME/.ssh/known_hosts
GIT_HTTP_LOGIN -login Login for HTTP auth to the remote repository
GIT_HTTP_PASSWORD -pass Password for HTTP auth to the remote repository
GIT_FORCE_PULL -force Forced pull with changed local repository: allowed - true, not allowed (default) - false
GIT_SYNC_BRANCH -branch Remote branch for pull, for example - develop, patch, etc. NOTE: If the 'tag' flag/env is specified, the 'branch' flag/env will be ignored!
GIT_SYNC_TAG -tag Remote tag for pull, for example - "v1.0.0", "v2.0", "v3.0-stable", etc. NOTE: If the 'tag' flag/env is specified, the specified 'branch' flag/env will be ignored!

What else?

Open an issue or PR if you have more suggestions, questions or ideas about what to add.

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