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A simple console program to add multiple icons to a .NET application. To learn more about why you might need this and for a more detailed description of the program see the blog post at

The program is licensed under the MIT license. It's heavily based on MIT licensed code from the great library ResourceLib, which I highly recommend and you can find at It also uses MIT licensed code from the Mono project ( for strong name signing.

The program takes three parameters. Below is the help output from the program to show you what it can do:

InsertIcons  Copyright (C) 2012 Einar Egilsson

for more information about this program and how to use it.

Usage: InsertIcons <assemblyfile> <icons> [<keyfile>]

<assemblyfile>    A .NET assembly (or any PE file really) that you want
                  to add icons to.

<icons>           The <icons> parameter can accept 4 different types
                  of arguments:
                  1. It can be a list of .ico files seperated by ;, e.g.
                  2. It can be a directory name, in which case all .ico
                     files in the directory will be added, in 
                     alphabetical order.

                  3. It can be the name of a text file which contains a
                     list of icons to add to the assembly. The file
                     should simply have one .ico file path on each line.
                  4. It can be left out completely, in which case the
                     program reads filenames from the standard input
                     stream. This allows for filenames to be piped into
                     the program, e.g. 
                         dir /b /s *.ico | InsertIcons myfile.exe

<keyfile>         This parameter is optional. If it is included then the
                  assembly will be re-signed with a strong name after 
                  inserting the icons.
                  Note that this should only be used to re-sign
                  assemblies that were signed before inserting icons
                  into them. If you pass in the <keyfile> parameter for
                  a file that was not signed before then the program 
                  will exit with an error message.


Simple tool to add multiple win32 icons to .NET assemblies







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