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Tiny dropbox (not THAT dropbox ;) script
Written by Einar Lielmanis.
Released under the MIT license,
Hack away! Bugs, thanks, suggestions: einar@spicausis.lv

What is this?

This is a small script intended to give my friends/colleagues an easy
way to send me their files.

Surprisingly, there aren't many ways one can send a bunch of files to
other without too much hassle: even simple ftp upload often is out of
reach ("first, install the filezilla, ..", yeah right).

So, unless the files can be sent by skype or by email, I can put this
folder on my webserver and give other parties its address. They will be
able to upload their files directly, using just a browser.


If it runs PHP, it will probably run tiny dropbox as well, regardless of
the setup: the script is quite flexible.


Put the file into any folder of your web hosting provider.
By visiting the page the first time, you will automatically be logged in
as owner and will be able to customize language, password, etc.

If the script is unable to create the storage folder by itself, it will
complain; in that case you will need to create the folder "files" and
assign sufficient permissions manually.

Specific customizations

I doubt that you will need taht, but to allow your customizations
together with simple upgrades of this script, you can create a file
called config.php and store any overrides there.
Here is an example of the file:

  $g_storage_folder = '/var/storage';

You can add your own interface languages (via add_language() function)
or change the upload folder from the custom.php: everything else can be
done from the owner settings page.

PHP upload limits

These values in php.ini limit how large files you will be able to