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Shell and Powershell pipes, haskell keywords mixed with the awesomeness of perl. forget shell scrpting now!

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steal some keywords of haskell perlude to ease manipulations of iterators and stream in perl.

    use Perlude;
    now {say if /false/} take 2, lines "/etc/passwd";

is the same as

    open my $fh,"/etc/passwd";
    my $count = 0;

    while (<$fh>) {
        if (/root/) {
        last if $count == 2;

read lib/Perlude/Tutorial.pod for futher informations


  • improve documentation
  • improve test suite?
  • see range implementation # what if step 0 ?
  • pairs must support streams and array
  • provide an alternative to takeWhile to return the combo breaker
  • explore AST manipulations for futher optimizations
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