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Erlang ecosystem common IR
Rust Erlang
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Eir Project

Erlang compiler and IR implemented in Rust


Current features:

  • Unified Thorin based IR representation named Eir
  • Erlang frontend
  • Core frontend
  • Pattern match compilation passes
  • Basic optimization and cleanup passes
  • Naive interpreter used for testing

The project is split into several crates:

  • libeir_ir - Contains the core Eir IR data structures, validation, printing
  • libeir_syntax_erl - Frontend for Erlang, lowers to Eir.
  • libeir_syntax_core - Frontend for Core Erlang, lowers to Eir.
  • libeir_passes - Compiler passes operating on Eir.
  • libeir_lowerutils - Utilities for lowering Eir to SSA form.
  • libeir_interpreter - Naive interpreter for Eir. Used to run OTP test suites.
  • libeir_intern - Symbol interning. Used by most other crates.
  • libeir_diagnostics - Source span handling and diagnostics printing.
  • libeir_util - Kitchen sink of utilities used by other crates.
  • pattern-compiler - A generic pattern matching tree compiler.
  • tools - CLI tools used to work with the IR.
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