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JSASTEM - JavaScript Arabic Stemmer

This little project aims to create a simple arabic stemmer implemented in JavaScript.


Good question. Because I need one for my other project, Mabhathu Tulab (A student's place of research) which is an Arabic - Arabic dictionary, similar to but better of course ;) Its main feature is that the user may click on any word of a dictionary entry that may then be further explained by an overlay.


It seems no-one has implemented one in JavaScript yet, for good reason I imagine. The ISRI stemmer as implemented by the NLTK project seems like a very straight forward stemmer, nothing too complicated and time consuming for my needs. This project therefore aims to port the python script into javascript.


Hopefully I can find some time to increase accuracy. Some words can be derived from multiple possible theoretical roots so these could be enumerated in the return value. Prior to returning them they could be compared against some known lists of existing roots to filter out unknown roots.

License, Copyright & Contact

License: GPL Copyright: Erik Taal ((