Conference2Go QtCon for x-platform (Android, iOS)
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QtCon 2016 Conference App

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Conference2Go QtCon for x-platform (Android, iOS)

AUTHOR ( ekke )

ekke's blog series about mobile x-platform development: discusses used patterns and shares ekkes experiences while developing.

Read more about this app here:

QtCon 2016 Conference App needs Qt 5.7 Release or greater

License Information

see LICENSE ( The Unlicense )


Images downloaded from - then renamed to match Qt High DPI images- and project-specific- naming

see /images/LICENSE ( cc-by )

Logos, App Icons, Launch Screens under /android and /ios designed by Diana de Sousa (

Qt Quick Controls 2 and Material Style

This conference app uses Material Design with UI Controls provided by Qt 5.7+ and was designed and tested on Android (BlackBerry PRIV Android 6.0.1) and iOS (iPhone 6s iOS 9.3).

Download from Google Play

Don't have a Google Account ? Grab the APK here:

Download from Amazon App Store



Download from Apple Appstore

Come to QtCon 2016 and have Fun at BCC in Berlin

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This was only the beginning

stay tuned for Qt World Summit 2016 San Francisco Conference App