Control.Lens.Setter (**~) doctest fails on some platforms #310

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On a couple of Debian architectures, one of the doctests for **~ fails due to a slight floating-point inequality, as follows:

Failure in src/Control/Lens/Setter.hs:672: expression `_2 **~ pi $ (1,3)'

expected: (1,31.54428070019754)
but got: (1,31.544280700197532)

Would it be possible to either compare this to (1,3pi) directly, or else to tolerate some slight difference in the exact floating-point representation of 3pi? It doesn't look as though the precise representation is important to this test.

@ion1 ion1 closed this in ab2c8ee Jun 17, 2013

I suppose that ought to work on all platforms.


It actually only works on platforms whose fundamental number system is binary; there is at least one known system that uses balanced ternary instead. ;-)


:-) Feel free to reopen the bug when trying to build lens on one.


Looks likely, indeed. Uploading to Debian shortly to make sure.



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