An improved Drush SimpleTest command which allows you to run a single Drupal test from the command-line
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= Drush SimpleTest command =

This adds a 'test' command to Drush, enabling you to run a single SimpleTest
test. It has been tested with Drush 6.x-3.3 on Drupal 6.16.

This code is based on the patch by Bevan at It
adds some features such as the ability to toggle detailed test output on and
off and more importantly, it captures and displays any exception logs or other
critical test failures which the original code failed to do.

The code for XML output is based on an updated from

It also adds the ability to email a list of recipients the rest results as
well as output the results in JUnit XML format. Note that this does need
PHP-DOM. See for
installation. It's commonly packages as php-xml.

To use this simply overwrite drush/commands/simpletest/
with the file provided in this package. You can also invoke drush with an
include path containing this package.