Static interface to dynamic implementation (duck casting). Uses the DLR combined with Reflect.Emit.
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net4.0/netstd2.0 framework to allow you to wrap any object (static or dynamic) with a static interface even though it didn't inherit from it. It does this by emitting cached dynamic binding code inside a proxy.

ImpromptuInterface is available Nuget NuGet

You can find the latest bleed edge on MyGet MyGet Pre Release

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Some of the features of ImpromptuInterface have been moved into another library called Dynamitey, ImpromptuInterface depends on Dynamitey.

ImpromptuInterface.FSharp has been spun off into FSharp.Interop.Dynamic and also depends on Dynamitey.

ImpromptuInterface.MVVM only exists for ImpromptuInterface 6.X and earlier.

Quick Usage:

    using ImpromptuInterface;
    using Dynamitey;

    public interface IMyInterface{

       string Prop1 { get;  }

        long Prop2 { get; }

        Guid Prop3 { get; }

        bool Meth1(int x);
   //Anonymous Class
    var anon = new {
             Prop1 = "Test",
             Prop2 = 42L,
             Prop3 = Guid.NewGuid(),
             Meth1 = Return<bool>.Arguments<int>(it => it > 5)

    var myInterface = anon.ActLike<IMyInterface>();


   //Dynamic Expando object
    dynamic expando = new ExpandoObject();
    expando.Prop1 ="Test";
    expando.Prop2 = 42L;
    expando.Prop3 = Guid.NewGuid();
    expando.Meth1 = Return<bool>.Arguments<int>(it => it > 5);
    IMyInterface myInterface = Impromptu.ActLike(expando);