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+title: Bag O' Links - 13/4/2010
+layout: post
+h4. i've got 909 tickets but a rant ain't one.
+Rails. you know it right?
+yeah, sure you do, if you are using this blog most odds are that you are using rails or at least interested in it a little bit.
+In my opinion our lovely Rails is a little bit sick, it has too many stale/open tickets/patches that somehow managed to skip the radar in the entire Rails 3 luau.
+Well, uncle Rails needs you!
+I am not going to re-write or repeat what my friends "Ryan Bigg":, "Dan Pickett": and "Kristopher Murata": wrote, but i'll just say this.
+* find some free time and help make Rails a little better.
+* yes, even you, the person that started working with Rails 3 days ago can help, ask us how.
+I am not hiding the fact that i am deeply disappointed with the way some of the decisions were made within the Rails 3 marathon, but that doesn't mean that i am going to give up that easily and you too, the person who is frustrated with Rails 3 bugs, compatibility issues and black holes can join in and try to help us bring it back to the way we all like it.
+now, for the fun stuff.
+h4. Links
+* "Everything you know about .clearfix is wrong!": - yeah, it was wrong. ;)
+* "jQuery Table toolbox": - yeah i know, jQuery is retarded but it does have a monstrous amount plugins, and sometimes that's all i need.
+* "Presentation: Gary Dusbabek from Rackspace on Cassandra": - good presentation.
+* "Styling horizontal rulers": - now you can.
+* "Best Practices: IpTables": - Awesome tips from RackerHacker.
+* "Web safe fonts cheatsheet": - sIFR, Phark, Cufon.. all under the microscope.
+* "Javascript testing with Cucumber and Capybara": - client side testing with Rails, wicked awesome.
+* "ensure with no rescue": - ensure some code runs no matter what happens. with that being said keep in mind that using exceptions for expected failures is stupid.
+* "Javascript singletone": - wicked.
+* "Gameplan's workflow": - git, github and testing workflow.
+* "Supercharged browser testing": - wicked. capybara, multiple browsers and whole'lotta'fun.
+* "Awesome Rails slides": - from mr. James Edward Grayll.
+* "Rails HTTP codes and symbols": - nice.
+* "Why extending the DOM is a bad idea": - there you go jQuery...
+* "Skip a Rails filter based on a custom condition": - Patrick Tulskie gains +10 intelligence points for helping me out on this one, but sure as hell we do need an @:if@ option on @skip_before_filter@.
+* "Rails Dispatch": - Rails 3, Yehuda, screencasts, whatever. like that's what matters.
+* "Quickly generate a custom privacy and TOS": - neat.
+* "Cucumbers, Tags and continuous integration": - treat features that *are still under development* with care.
+* "Comparing testing frameworks (on IronRuby)": - Shay loves IronRuby and wraps a nice review that even non IronRuby users can gain something from. (yes, @require "something.dll"@ makes me flinch too, for now).
+* "HTML5 Input types": - don't bother i guess, they will change, disappear, reappear, and misinterpreted in IE.
+* "Introduction to Nginx": - nice tips (it's a slide, click space to get the next one.)
+* "Host a git repository on Dreamhost": - tutorial.
+* "CSS3 emulator for IE": - screw that browser.
+* "Blending SQL in noSQL": - slides and source code from MBleigh's talk.
+* "noSQL database": - the ugliest website they could have made for that cause, lots of info on the other hand.
+* "Managing Heroku env variables for local development": - mock heroku's ENV vars.
+h4. Treasures
+* "HoneyPot-Captcha": - Honeypot captchas work off the premise that you can present different form fields to a spam bot than you do to a real user. Spam bots will typically try to fill all fields in a form and will not take into account CSS styles.
+* "jStorage": - a simple wrapper plugin for Prototype, MooTools and jQuery to store data on browser side.
+* "Storable": - Marshal Ruby classes into and out of multiple formats (yaml, json, csv, tsv). "Solutious": actually have a bunch of other interesting tools.
+* "Instant Blueprint": - quickly generate HTML, CSS and even a JS lib of your choice.
+* "Holland backup framework": - another great release from Rackspace, this time it's an Open Source backup framework.
+* "reviewr": - send code review requests using git. minions, prepare yourselves.
+* "Updated pimped command line": - barking iguana is one of my favorites.
+* "Modernizr": pretty awesome, a "conditional" CSS/JS solution for HTML5/CSS3 support in browsers. wicked.
+* "Websockets with Ruby (eventmachine)": - examples.
+* "...and WebSockets for inferior browsers": - guess which ones.
+* "Apotomo": - build rails applications using widgets/"cells". looks interesting.
+* "FailIRC": - IRC server and client.
+* "OHM": - Object-Hash-Mapping. store objects in Redis.
+* "ice_cube": - Recurring dates DSL. that's... nice.
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