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MySignature - Sublime Text Package

Wide JavaScript autocomplete functionality for Sublime Text with method/function signature (arguments) and var completion. (You can usually make the completion box show up with Ctrl+Space in a js file.)

The package will keep an index of methods/functions seen in .js files doing a dumb parsing: it looks for name = function(...) and name: function(...). It does not evaluate objects.

Since version 2, files are parsed only the first time these are seen and then will only reparse a file if you save it (to keep the index up to date.)

As source for its index will look into:

  • All the js files of the current opened projects/folders. (this includes all the windows and scans for changes periodically in an optimized way, a file is only parsed in case of a cache miss)

  • If you open a js file that is outside the current project, it will scan the folder where this file resides.

  • Completion of methods/functions in unsaved files, and completion of vars for the current file are generated on the fly, with the incredible fast API of Sublime Text.

Will trigger its magic in js files and js scopes (eg in a script tag of an HTML file.)

For the original development read about at

For the performance improvements take a look to


2012 Elad Yarkoni

2014 Tito Bouzout <>


Very lightweight plugin for sublime text editor




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