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Very lightweight plugin for sublime text editor

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MySignature - Sublime text 2 plugin

MySignature plugin is very lightweight plugin for sublime which improve the sublime text autocomplete functionality.

Each method in the autocomplete pop-up box is presented with its signature (method name and arguments) using SublimeText's "auto_complete" box. (You can usually make this box show up with Ctrl+Space.)

This plugin works on save: when you save any file in your project, the plugin maps all your javascript methods of the form var name = function() {} and name: function() {}. When the complete box is opened (ctrl+space or by the editor), it shows the methods in your project files with the signature. (It currently does not support minified files since the method used is a line-by-line search.)

This plugin is for Javascript Developers only.

Please read more about the plugin and its development at


Elad Yarkoni.

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