HTML5 Smart card exploration tools using Gemalto's SConnect technology
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This is a copy of my "Smart Tools" html5 utility which I used to host on my website.

This tool will use the SConnect plugin from Gemalto and is able to 'explore' or parse,
the contents of quite a few kinds of smart cards:

- PKCS#15 profiles on 7816-4 smart cards
- Calypso profiles - including decoding of the file contents for Navigo cards from RATP
- Mifare cards : this is a complete reader/writer of Mifare cards, if your smart card reader is mifare-compatible

... and many more!

If you would like to go further with this tool, please let me know so that I can give you
access to this github repository.

License of all the original code here is GPLv3 unless indicated otherwise.

Edouard Lafargue, Feb 2012