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zouming123 opened this issue Nov 29, 2018 · 2 comments


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commented Nov 29, 2018

the sql which like below is not work.

select avg(salary), sum(salary) from emp where first_name like 'G%'

@costin costin added the >bug label Nov 29, 2018


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commented Nov 29, 2018


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commented Nov 29, 2018

Aslo gives an error in master (7.0.0) and 6.x:

java.sql.SQLException: Server encountered an error [Cannot evaluate script for expression LikePattern[G%,�]]. [SqlIllegalArgumentException[Cannot evaluate script for expression LikePattern[G%,�]]
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.expression.gen.script.ScriptWeaver.asScript(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.expression.function.scalar.BinaryScalarFunction.asScript(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.expression.function.scalar.ScalarFunction.toAttribute(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.expression.function.scalar.ScalarFunction.toAttribute(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.expression.Expressions.attribute(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.optimizer.Optimizer$ReplaceAggsWithStats.lambda$updateAggAttributes$3(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.Node.anyMatch(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.optimizer.Optimizer$ReplaceAggsWithStats.lambda$updateAggAttributes$4(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.Node.transformUp(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.plan.QueryPlan.lambda$transformExpressionsUp$4(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.plan.QueryPlan.doTransformExpression(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.plan.QueryPlan.lambda$transformExpressionsUp$5(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.NodeInfo.lambda$transform$0(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.NodeInfo$3.innerTransform(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.NodeInfo.transform(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.Node.transformNodeProps(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.Node.lambda$transformPropertiesUp$13(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.Node.transformUp(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.Node.lambda$transformUp$10(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.Node.transformChildren(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.Node.transformUp(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.tree.Node.transformPropertiesUp(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.plan.QueryPlan.transformExpressionsUp(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.optimizer.Optimizer$ReplaceAggsWithStats.updateAggAttributes(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.optimizer.Optimizer$ReplaceAggsWithStats.apply(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.optimizer.Optimizer$ReplaceAggsWithStats.apply(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.rule.RuleExecutor$Transformation.<init>(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.rule.RuleExecutor.executeWithInfo(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.rule.RuleExecutor.execute(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.optimizer.Optimizer.optimize(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.session.SqlSession.lambda$optimizedPlan$3(
	at org.elasticsearch.action.ActionListener$1.onResponse(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.session.SqlSession.lambda$preAnalyze$2(
	at org.elasticsearch.action.ActionListener$1.onResponse(
	at org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.analysis.index.IndexResolver.lambda$resolveAsMergedMapping$3(
	at org.elasticsearch.action.ActionListener$1.onResponse(
	at org.elasticsearch.common.util.concurrent.ThreadContext$ContextPreservingAbstractRunnable.doRun(
	at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
	at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
	at java.base/

@costin costin self-assigned this Dec 14, 2018

costin added a commit to costin/elasticsearch that referenced this issue Dec 15, 2018

SQL: Fix translation of LIKE/RLIKE keywords
Refactor Like/RLike functions to simplify internals and improve query
 translation when chained or within a script context.

Fix elastic#36039
Fix elastic#36584

costin added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 17, 2018

SQL: Fix translation of LIKE/RLIKE keywords (#36672)
* SQL: Fix translation of LIKE/RLIKE keywords

Refactor Like/RLike functions to simplify internals and improve query
 translation when chained or within a script context.

Fix #36039
Fix #36584

costin added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 17, 2018

SQL: Fix translation of LIKE/RLIKE keywords (#36672)
* SQL: Fix translation of LIKE/RLIKE keywords

Refactor Like/RLike functions to simplify internals and improve query
 translation when chained or within a script context.

Fix #36039
Fix #36584

(cherry picked from commit 6d9d5e3)

davidkyle added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 18, 2018

SQL: Fix translation of LIKE/RLIKE keywords (#36672)
* SQL: Fix translation of LIKE/RLIKE keywords

Refactor Like/RLike functions to simplify internals and improve query
 translation when chained or within a script context.

Fix #36039
Fix #36584

davidkyle added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 18, 2018

[ML] Merge the Jindex master feature branch (#36702)
* [ML] Job and datafeed mappings with index template (#32719)

Index mappings for the configuration documents

* [ML] Job config document CRUD operations (#32738)

* [ML] Datafeed config CRUD operations (#32854)

* [ML] Change JobManager to work with Job config in index  (#33064)

* [ML] Change Datafeed actions to read config from the config index (#33273)

* [ML] Allocate jobs based on JobParams rather than cluster state config (#33994)

* [ML] Return missing job error when .ml-config is does not exist (#34177)

* [ML] Close job in index (#34217)

* [ML] Adjust finalize job action to work with documents (#34226)

* [ML] Job in index: Datafeed node selector (#34218)

* [ML] Job in Index: Stop and preview datafeed (#34605)

* [ML] Delete job document (#34595)

* [ML] Convert job data remover to work with index configs (#34532)

* [ML] Job in index: Get datafeed and job stats from index (#34645)

* [ML] Job in Index: Convert get calendar events to index docs (#34710)

* [ML] Job in index: delete filter action (#34642)

This changes the delete filter action to search
for jobs using the filter to be deleted in the index
rather than the cluster state.

* [ML] Job in Index: Enable integ tests (#34851)

Enables the ml integration tests excluding the rolling upgrade tests and a lot of fixes to
make the tests pass again.

* [ML] Reimplement established model memory (#35500)

This is the 7.0 implementation of a master node service to
keep track of the native process memory requirement of each ML
job with an associated native process.

The new ML memory tracker service works when the whole cluster
is upgraded to at least version 6.6. For mixed version clusters
the old mechanism of established model memory stored on the job
in cluster state was used. This means that the old (and complex)
code to keep established model memory up to date on the job object
has been removed in 7.0.

Forward port of #35263

* [ML] Need to wait for shards to replicate in distributed test (#35541)

Because the cluster was expanded from 1 node to 3 indices would
initially start off with 0 replicas.  If the original node was
killed before auto-expansion to 1 replica was complete then
the test would fail because the indices would be unavailable.

* [ML] DelayedDataCheckConfig index mappings (#35646)

* [ML] JIndex: Restore finalize job action (#35939)

* [ML] Replace Version.CURRENT in streaming functions (#36118)

* [ML] Use 'anomaly-detector' in job config doc name (#36254)

* [ML] Job In Index: Migrate config from the clusterstate (#35834)

Migrate ML configuration from clusterstate to index for closed jobs
only once all nodes are v6.6.0 or higher

* [ML] Check groups against job Ids on update (#36317)

* [ML] Adapt to periodic persistent task refresh (#36633)

* [ML] Adapt to periodic persistent task refresh

If is
merged then the approach for reallocating ML persistent tasks
after refreshing job memory requirements can be simplified.
This change begins the simplification process.

* Remove AwaitsFix and implement TODO

* [ML] Default search size for configs

* Fix TooManyJobsIT.testMultipleNodes

Two problems:

1. Stack overflow during async iteration when lots of
   jobs on same machine
2. Not effectively setting search size in all cases

* Use execute() instead of submit() in MlMemoryTracker

We don't need a Future to wait for completion

* [ML][TEST] Fix NPE in JobManagerTests

* [ML] JIindex: Limit the size of bulk migrations (#36481)

* [ML] Prevent updates and upgrade tests (#36649)

* [FEATURE][ML] Add cluster setting that enables/disables config  migration (#36700)

This commit adds a cluster settings called ``.
The setting is `true` by default. When set to `false`, no config migration will
be attempted and non-migrated resources (e.g. jobs, datafeeds) will be able
to be updated normally.

Relates #32905

* [ML] Snapshot ml configs before migrating (#36645)

* [FEATURE][ML] Split in batches and migrate all jobs and datafeeds (#36716)

Relates #32905

* SQL: Fix translation of LIKE/RLIKE keywords (#36672)

* SQL: Fix translation of LIKE/RLIKE keywords

Refactor Like/RLike functions to simplify internals and improve query
 translation when chained or within a script context.

Fix #36039
Fix #36584

* Fixing line length for EnvironmentTests and RecoveryTests (#36657)

Relates #34884

* Add back one line removed by mistake regarding java version check and
COMPAT jvm parameter existence

* Do not resolve addresses in remote connection info (#36671)

The remote connection info API leads to resolving addresses of seed
nodes when invoked. This is problematic because if a hostname fails to
resolve, we would not display any remote connection info. Yet, a
hostname not resolving can happen across remote clusters, especially in
the modern world of cloud services with dynamically chaning
IPs. Instead, the remote connection info API should be providing the
configured seed nodes. This commit changes the remote connection info to
display the configured seed nodes, avoiding a hostname resolution. Note
that care was taken to preserve backwards compatibility with previous
versions that expect the remote connection info to serialize a transport
address instead of a string representing the hostname.

* [Painless] Add boxed type to boxed type casts for method/return (#36571)

This adds implicit boxed type to boxed types casts for non-def types to create asymmetric casting relative to the def type when calling methods or returning values. This means that a user calling a method taking an Integer can call it with a Byte, Short, etc. legally which matches the way def works. This creates consistency in the casting model that did not previously exist.

* SNAPSHOTS: Adjust BwC Versions in Restore Logic (#36718)

* Re-enables bwc tests with adjusted version conditions now that #36397 enables concurrent snapshots in 6.6+

* ingest: fix on_failure with Drop processor (#36686)

This commit allows a document to be dropped when a Drop processor
is used in the on_failure fork of the processor chain.

Fixes #36151

* Initialize startup `CcrRepositories` (#36730)

Currently, the CcrRepositoryManger only listens for settings updates
and installs new repositories. It does not install the repositories that
are in the initial settings. This commit, modifies the manager to
install the initial repositories. Additionally, it modifies the ccr
integration test to configure the remote leader node at startup, instead
of using a settings update.

* [TEST] fix float comparison in RandomObjects#getExpectedParsedValue

This commit fixes a test bug introduced with #36597. This caused some
test failure as stored field values comparisons would not work when CBOR
xcontent type was used.

Closes #29080

* [Geo] Integrate Lucene's LatLonShape (BKD Backed GeoShapes) as default `geo_shape` indexing approach (#35320)

This commit  exposes lucene's LatLonShape field as the
default type in GeoShapeFieldMapper. To use the new 
indexing approach, simply set "type" : "geo_shape" in 
the mappings without setting any of the strategy, precision, 
tree_levels, or distance_error_pct parameters. Note the 
following when using the new indexing approach:

* geo_shape query does not support querying by 
yet support WITHIN relation.
* CONTAINS relation is not yet supported.
The tree, precision, tree_levels, distance_error_pct, 
and points_only parameters are deprecated.

* TESTS:Debug Log. IndexStatsIT#testFilterCacheStats

* ingest: support default pipelines + bulk upserts (#36618)

This commit adds support to enable bulk upserts to use an index's
default pipeline. Bulk upsert, doc_as_upsert, and script_as_upsert
are all supported.

However, bulk script_as_upsert has slightly surprising behavior since
the pipeline is executed _before_ the script is evaluated. This means
that the pipeline only has access the data found in the upsert field
of the script_as_upsert. The non-bulk script_as_upsert (existing behavior)
runs the pipeline _after_ the script is executed. This commit
does _not_ attempt to consolidate the bulk and non-bulk behavior for

This commit also adds additional testing for the non-bulk behavior,
which remains unchanged with this commit.

fixes #36219

* Fix duplicate phrase in shrink/split error message (#36734)

This commit removes a duplicate "must be a" from the shrink/split error

* Deprecate types in get_source and exist_source (#36426)

This change adds a new untyped endpoint `{index}/_source/{id}` for both the
GET and the HEAD methods to get the source of a document or check for its
existance. It also adds deprecation warnings to RestGetSourceAction that emit
a warning when the old deprecated "type" parameter is still used. Also updating
documentation and tests where appropriate.

Relates to #35190

* Revert "[Geo] Integrate Lucene's LatLonShape (BKD Backed GeoShapes) as default `geo_shape` indexing approach (#35320)"

This reverts commit 5bc7822.

* Enhance Invalidate Token API (#35388)

This change:

- Adds functionality to invalidate all (refresh+access) tokens for all users of a realm
- Adds functionality to invalidate all (refresh+access)tokens for a user in all realms
- Adds functionality to invalidate all (refresh+access) tokens for a user in a specific realm
- Changes the response format for the invalidate token API to contain information about the 
   number of the invalidated tokens and possible errors that were encountered.
- Updates the API Documentation

After back-porting to 6.x, the `created` field will be removed from master as a field in the 

Resolves: #35115
Relates: #34556

* Add raw sort values to SearchSortValues transport serialization (#36617)

In order for CCS alternate execution mode (see #32125) to be able to do the final reduction step on the CCS coordinating node, we need to serialize additional info in the transport layer as part of each `SearchHit`. Sort values are already present but they are formatted according to the provided `DocValueFormat` provided. The CCS node needs to be able to reconstruct the lucene `FieldDoc` to include in the `TopFieldDocs` and `CollapseTopFieldDocs` which will feed the `mergeTopDocs` method used to reduce multiple search responses (one per cluster) into one.

This commit adds such information to the `SearchSortValues` and exposes it through a new getter method added to `SearchHit` for retrieval. This info is only serialized at transport and never printed out at REST.

* Watcher: Ensure all internal search requests count hits (#36697)

In previous commits only the stored toXContent version of a search
request was using the old format. However an executed search request was
already disabling hit counts. In 7.0 hit counts will stay enabled by
default to allow for proper migration.

Closes #36177

* [TEST] Ensure shard follow tasks have really stopped.

Relates to #36696

* Ensure MapperService#getAllMetaFields elements order is deterministic (#36739)

MapperService#getAllMetaFields returns an array, which is created out of
an `ObjectHashSet`. Such set does not guarantee deterministic hash
ordering. The array returned by its toArray may be sorted differently
at each run. This caused some repeatability issues in our tests (see #29080)
as we pick random fields from the array of possible metadata fields,
but that won't be repeatable if the input array is sorted differently at
every run. Once setting the tests seed, hppc picks that up and the sorting is
deterministic, but failures don't repeat with the seed that gets printed out
originally (as a seed was not originally set).
See also

With this commit, we simply create a static sorted array that is used for
`getAllMetaFields`. The change is in production code but really affects
only testing as the only production usage of this method was to iterate
through all values when parsing fields in the high-level REST client code.
Anyways, this seems like a good change as returning an array would imply
that it's deterministically sorted.

* Expose Sequence Number based Optimistic Concurrency Control in the rest layer (#36721)

Relates #36148 
Relates #10708

* [ML] Mute MlDistributedFailureIT

@astefan astefan removed the v6.5.0 label Dec 19, 2018

@colings86 colings86 added v7.0.0-beta1 and removed v7.0.0 labels Feb 7, 2019

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