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A suite of tests comparing performance of PHP SPL data structures to PHP arrays.
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runner.php Modified the runner to dynamically detect the php-cgi path


This repository contains scripts intended to benchmark operations of data 
structure classes from the PHP SPL extension against their array counterparts.

runner.php - Executes all files in tests/ and stores results in results/raw.csv
memory.php - Used by runner.php to record memory usage
graphs.php - Generates charts in GIF format of data from results/raw.csv; 
             requires ezcGraph
tests - Contains two scripts per SPL data structure class, one for SPL 
        operations and one for their array counterparts
results - Destination of aggregated results from runner.php and charts from 

NOTES: Runner executes tests with php-cgi. Make sure php-cgi.ini has register_argc_argv
set to On. Also make sure that in php.ini "variables_order" contains 'E' so that
runner can resolve path to php binaries.

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