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Password Strength Meter plugin for jQuery

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A password strength meter for jQuery. Give it a try!

password example


Using npm

npm install --save password-strength-meter

Using bower

bower install --save password-strength-meter

Or much better, using yarn

yarn add password-strength-meter

For manual installations check out the releases section for tarballs.


Import the required scripts:

<script src="./js/password-strength-meter/password.min.js"></script>
<script src="./js/password-strength-meter/password.min.css"></script>

Ensure your password field has a wrapper div, like in Bootstrap:

<div class="form-group">
  <label for="password">
  <input id="password" type="password" class="form-control" />

And call the plugin when you wanna enable it:

$('#password').password({ /* options */ });

Available options

Here's the list of available options you can pass to the password plugin:

  shortPass: 'The password is too short',
  badPass: 'Weak; try combining letters & numbers',
  goodPass: 'Medium; try using special charecters',
  strongPass: 'Strong password',
  containsUsername: 'The password contains the username',
  enterPass: 'Type your password',
  showPercent: false,
  showText: true, // shows the text tips
  animate: true, // whether or not to animate the progress bar on input blur/focus
  animateSpeed: 'fast', // the above animation speed
  username: false, // select the username field (selector or jQuery instance) for better password checks
  usernamePartialMatch: true, // whether to check for username partials
  minimumLength: 4 // minimum password length (below this threshold, the score is 0)


There are two events fired by the password plugin:

$('#password').on('password.score', (e, score) => {
  console.log('Called every time a new score is calculated (this means on every keyup)')
  console.log('Current score is %d', score)

$('#password').on('password.text', (e, text, score) => {
  console.log('Called every time the text is changed (less updated than password.score)')
  console.log('Current message is %s with a score of %d', text, score)


This plugin was originally created in 2010 for jQuery 1.14, and the current relase has been tested under jQuery 1, 2 & 3.

It should work in all browsers (even IE 666).

compatibility chart


First you'll need to grab the code, as the npm version does not come with the source files:

git clone https://github.com/elboletaire/password-strength-meter.git
cd password-strength-meter
npm install
npm test

Note: tests are just run using jQuery 3.


Why another library? Well, I found this on March 11th (of 2017) cleaning up my documents folder and noticed I made it in 2010 and never published it, so I decided to refactor it "a bit" (simply remade it from the ground-up) and publish it, so others can use it.


Created by Òscar Casajuana .

Based on unlicensed work by Firas Kassem, published in 2007 and modified by Amin Rajaee in 2009.

This code is licensed under a GPL 3.0 license.