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Invitation code backend for django-registration

This is custom backend for django-registration.

Features of backend:

  • requires invitation code to proceed,
  • requires TOS (Terms of Service) accepted by user.

Invitation codes are useful for e.g. service beta testing. Also, since backend is fully compatibile with default backend, when your service is going public and you decide not to use invitation codes, all you need to do is turn "default" backend on.


  1. Copy invitation directory contents to your django-registration backends - such as registration/backends/invitation/

  2. In INSTALLED_APPS section add 'registration.backends.invitation' after 'registration':

  3. You must change your where you are invoking registration (check project main

    (r'^accounts/', include('registration.backends.invitation.urls'), ),
  4. Run syncdb or south schemamigration if you use it:

    ./ syncdb

Invitation code

Application created InvitationCode model for codes. Invitation codes can be anything you want - here there are 5 random characters.

InvitationCode model also stores information about who and when used specific code so you can track it.

Sample invitation code generation

You can make invitation code as long as you want (change max_length in InvitationCode model if you want it to be longer than 5).

Sample code for generation:

import string
import random

def generate_random_string():
    chars = string.letters + string.digits
    return "".join(random.sample(chars, 5))


Application provides translation for languages:

  • Polish (pl)

To create new translation simply run: makemessages -l <language_code>