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rename retina assets, add one more

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commit 36fbc1c6623e24c26b34a3bb5c122ad4aefd709e 1 parent da90865
Luke Hatcher authored July 05, 2012
0  symposion/static/img/bg@2.png → symposion/static/img/bg@2x.png
File renamed without changes
0  symposion/static/img/hd_home@2.png → symposion/static/img/hd_home@2x.png
File renamed without changes
BIN  symposion/static/img/hd_sub@2x.png
0  symposion/static/img/logo@2.png → symposion/static/img/logo@2x.png
File renamed without changes
0  symposion/static/img/logo_sub@2.png → symposion/static/img/logo_sub@2x.png
File renamed without changes

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