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Electricomics .elcx File Format

This document serves as a living standard for the Electricomics .elcx file format, and is currently in an alpha state.


The .elcx file is a container, similar to an iOS app or a Matroska video file.



Inside a container

Inside, the container is structured like this:

/images - image assets
/js - supporting javascript libraries
/css - supporting styles
index.html - the file the reader loads when a comic is loaded
comic.json - related metadata and config

Image assets

Images are cropped to 2x retina resolution (4096 x 3072), and supplied in a ​uncompressed ​PSD file to the flatter. The PSD must consist of two layers, a raw image layer and a vector lettering layer. When flattened, each distinct "page" should be a 32-bit PNG file with alpha channel enabled. [@TODO: at what DPI/PPI?]