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Note: This is a beta release. This is release is running on an
upgraded version of Chrome and may have some instability and/or regressions.
Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it.

This release is published to npm under the beta tag and can be installed via npm install electron@beta.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in preload scripts when using the fetch API when context
    isolation was enabled. #8804
  • The Node environment is now properly destroyed when V8 contexts are released.
  • Fixed an issue where the done event would be emitted twice for canceled
    DownloadItem instances. #8678
  • Fixed a crash when loading a URL while there was a pending navigation entry.
  • Fixed an issue where the promise returned from webContents.executeJavaScript
    would not resolve when no callback was specified. #8744


  • Fixed an issue where process.windowStore would be incorrect on machines with
    a non-standard WindowsApps folder location. #8806

API Changes

  • Added a baseURLForDataURL option to the loadURL API that can be used
    to set the base URL to load relative paths from in data URLs. #8799


  • Added an experimental touch bar API that can be set on a window via
    BrowserWindow.setTouchBar. #8095