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RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle is out now. Defeat up to 15 of your friends in a tournament of 80s-inspired retro mini games.


RetroWar-common is a Java library that extends LibGDX. It contains all the common functions that are shared between games developed for the RetroWar project. However it will be useful for non-RetroWar games, game jam games, etc . Most programmers seem to develop their own libraries of common code after doing several games, and this is mine!


  • Game class that integrates with RetroWar. If your game subclasses this, it will be compatible with RetroWar and able to be added to RetroWar as a mini-game.

  • A title screen and menu that can be used for any stand-alone game.

  • A Frame Buffer Object renderer that draws everything to an FBO before drawing the FBO to the screen.

    • Allows you to set a virtual resolution for your game so no sub-pixels are rendered.
    • Options for scaling and stretching, and automatically centers camera no matter display aspect ratio.
    • Can change resolution on the fly to do SNES zoom effects.
    • Can apply shaders for CRT effects.
  • Chiptune music players

  • Standardized input devices

    • Players can join game at any time.
    • Supports keyboard, keyboard+mouse, or controller transparently.
    • PS4 and Xbox controllers mapped correctly on Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Menus