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A little animation framework which could help you to show message in a nice looking way.


  1. Create TextSurface instance or add it in your layout.
  2. Create Text instancies with TextBuilder defining appearance of text and position:
Text textDaai = TextBuilder
  1. Create animations and pass them to the TextSurface instance:
		new Sequential(
				Slide.showFrom(Side.TOP, textDaai, 500),
				Alpha.hide(textDaai, 1500)

See full sample here.

Adjusting animations

  • To play animations sequentially use

  • To play animations simultaneously use

  • Animations/effects could be combined like this:

    new Parallel(, 500),, 500, Color.RED))

    i.e. alpha and color of text will be changed simultaneously in 500ms

Adding your own animations/effects

There're two basic classes which you could extend to add custom animation:

Proguard configuration

The framework is based on standard android animation classes which uses reflection extensively. To avoid obfuscation you need to exclude classes of the framework:

-keep class** { *; }


repositories {
    maven { url "" }
dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.elevenetc:textsurface:0.9.1'