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The Memory Game - Front-End Udacity Project
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The Memory Game - Front-End Udacity Project

During my training in Front-end developer I was challenged to develop a zero memory game using pure javascript. I accepted the challenge and started by creating the folder structure and adding the base files like index.html, app.js and style.css.

Using an MVC structure known as octupus, I started my project in the app.js file by providing a model type object, another octupus that plays the role of the controller and the object view that renders the content in index.html. With the DOM manipulation using the document interfaces I've been creating the HTML elements and click events to identify when an element is clicked and show their content.

The main challenge was to understand the manipulation of the DOM to attack the right elements, but it was very satisfying after reading some documentation.

Getting Started

To start the application simply run from index.html on your PC or by accessing this link



Still in development using

  • Vanilla javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS

Code Dependencies

The app is built with the following code dependencies:

  1. Fontawesome v5.0.6
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