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Magento Exceptions to Codebase


This Magento extension inserts all the Magento exceptions to your Codebase account (see



The excellent php-airbrake class is included because the file Configuration.php is slightly changed; line 33 has been changed to point to instead of

Magento doesn't actually throw exceptions; it uses a custom exception handler. Therefore we cannot use the EventHandler that is bundled with php-airbrake but instead we dissect Magento's stack trace message and feed it to Codebase Exceptions.

The file errors/report.php needs to be overwritten for the helper function to be called.

You can test whether the extension works by throwing an exception by visiting


cd <your/magento/root>
mkdir .modman
cd .modman
git clone CodebaseExceptions
cd ..
modman deploy CodebaseExceptions --force

Now go to your backend and fill out the Codebase Exceptions API key (you can find this under the tab Exceptions in your project page in Codebase).

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