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elgentos ecommerce solutions

Magento 2 & Laravel boutique e-commerce agency

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  1. Forked from Iazel/magento2-regenurl

    This extension adds console commands to be able to regenerate; a product rewrite URL based on its url path; a category rewrite URL based on its url path; a category URL path based on its URL key an…

    PHP 148 41

  2. Faker-driven, configuration-based, platform-agnostic, locale-compatible data faker tool

    PHP 119 14

  3. Large Configurable Products workaround for Magento 2

    PHP 70 14

  4. Magento 2 Prismic integration

    PHP 14 2

  5. Use this library to turn your day-to-day configurations into usable arrays/objects.

    PHP 2

  6. CLI HTTP statuscode checker

    PHP 2 1


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