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Elicoin Block Explorer
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Elicoin Block Explorer

Elicoin Block Explorer is a JSON-RPC based web blockchain explorer made in PHP. It is designed for Elicoin, but it should be working with other Bitcoin / Litecoin Core based wallets too.


  1. Install Web server with PHP (tested on Apache with PHP 5.6, but it should be working on any other)
  2. Install Elicoin Core wallet
  3. Download all files in src folder from this GitHub project and put it in your web root
  4. Create elicoin.conf in your Elicoin data folder (if not exists already) and put these lines in this file:
  1. Edit config.php file and set the same user and pass variables as in elicoin.conf
  2. Run Elicoin Core wallet under root: sudo elicoind -daemon -reindex -txindex
  3. Wait for indexing (might take few minutes)
  4. Done!

Warning: Always use Elicoin Core wallet with 0 ELI balance for Block explorer, otherwise someone can steal it from you!


Elicoin GUI Miner


Elicoin GUI Miner is open source software developed under MIT license.

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