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Hi! These are my dotfiles that I use every day. If you find something interesting, go ahead and take whatever you want from my dotfiles.

It is managed using yadm, a dotfile manager. This makes it simple to set up a new computer with these files. In order to set up a new system with these dotfiles, do the following:

yadm clone <repo URL>
yadm decrypt
yadm perms

See subfolders for a short description of what the different programs are

Quick setup for Fedora

This is based on a minimal Fedora 24 install, from the netinstall image

# dnf install --nogpgcheck \ \

# dnf copr enable thelocehiliosan/yadm
# dnf copr enable nrechn/Sway
# dnf copr enable dperson/neovim

# dnf install pciutils wget tar telnet pcsc-lite owncloud-client @base-x \
vim util-linux-user zsh dmenu rxvt-unicode-256color-ml firefox pulseaudio \
openvpn maven subversion nginx dunst mercurial libnotify VirtualBox \
bind-utils nmap vlc i3 pinentry-gtk ncurses-compat-libs msmtp lynx urlview \
mutt vdirsyncer khal offlineimap htop jq fedora-icon-theme pass pcsc-tools \
opensc bzip2 psmisc pulseaudio pulseaudio-module-x11 ntp \
dejavu-sans-mono-fonts mesa-dri-drivers xorg-x11-server-Xwayland \
yubikey-personalization-gui yadm sway automake gcc-c++ kernel-devel \
cmake python-devel python3-devel neovim task

# Install oh-my-zsh
# Install nvm
# Install

$ nvm install node

$ cd ~/.config/nvim && ./

$ sudo pip install --update pip
$ sudo pip install --update khard

Now set up vdirsyncer, and offlineimap with the provided systemd unit files, after having created the required folders


Dotfiles from a java/front-end web developer on Linux








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