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Less CSS for JAWR
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Less CSS for JAWR

Project home:

Gives the joy of Less CSS ( to JAWR (

Works in both JAWR's debug and production modes. In JAWR's debug mode, changes to your .css and .less files are picked up with no need to restart your app.

At time of writing, Less CSS for JAWR has been tested with JAWR 3.3.3. Also known to work with the Grails JAWR plugin (v3.3.3) and Grails 1.3.7. May work with other versions of all of those too.

If you'd like to see Less CSS support built-in to JAWR, please take a moment to vote for issue #199 on the JAWR Jira:

How to use

Include the less-css-jawr-[VERSION].jar (find it in the same directory as this README) and the Less CSS Engine jar (com.asual.lesscss.lesscss-engine, v1.1.4) on your webapp's classpath.

Add the com.jetbootlabs.jawr.LessCssResourceGenerator to your custom generators, e.g.


Use the less: prefix with paths to your less files when defining JAWR bundles, e.g.


  • Checkout less-css-jawr from git
  • cd less-css-jawr/
  • gradle idea to set up IntelliJ IDE config
  • gradle build to build project
  • gradle tasks to list available gradle tasks


  • Eliot Sykes
  • Zsolt Varszegi

Contributions welcome

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