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@josevalim josevalim released this Jul 4, 2020 · 540 commits to master since this release

1. Bug fixes


  • [Kernel] Fix a bug where custom types were printed as built-in types
  • [Kernel] Don't add compile-time dependency on defdelegate
  • [Kernel] Add line numbers to warnings on deprecated imports
  • [Kernel] Report the correct line number when raising inside a macro
  • [Task] Include callers in translated Logger metadata for Task
  • [Task] Fix Task PID and caller in Task Supervisor reports


  • [ExUnit.Formatter] Avoid crashes when diffing guards when the pattern does not match
  • [ExUnit.Formatter] Also blame exceptions that come from linked and trapped exits


  • [IEx.Helpers] Do not crash when printing a type that cannot be code formatted


  • [mix app.start] Fix reading .app file located in archives (.ez files)
  • [mix local.hex] Provide more guidance when Hex can't be installed
  • [mix release] Properly encode config in releases


  • SHA1: 5b400c829c4f239ac89a7eb97aac642b961f38fd
  • SHA512: 9727ae96d187d8b64e471ff0bb5694fcd1009cdcfd8b91a6b78b7542bb71fca59869d8440bb66a2523a6fec025f1d23394e7578674b942274c52b44e19ba2d43
  • SHA1: 178f08724c63496878b6e427467f650f03cd978c
  • SHA512: cefaf0371a9751d37d6d1181f910a23d6cc627f7b77fe7fa1b303a9b4769d1fb2a9bbeea54566109fa5acf8e0455a5a44cb3ac9ccb9e968d92610b869d15d27c
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