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Backup job fails: "rsync: command not found"

You need to install rsync in the client (+info)

Backup job fails: "permission denied (publickey,password)"

You need to copy Public Key to the client (+info)

I've changed 'parameters.yml' but it doesn't work

After editing 'parameters.yml' you must clear the cache:

/usr/share/elkarbackup/app/console cache:clear --env=prod

Job finished with error "File has vanished"

Probably the error is caused by a temporary file. You can exclude the directory to avoid same error.

Restore button is disabled or it doesn't work (I have an 'Error 404 Not Found')

If your backup location directory is, for instance: /var/spool/elkarbackup

Check backup location directory's permissions:

getfacl /var/spool/elkarbackup

You must have something like that:

# file: /var/spool/elkarbackup
# owner: elkarbackup
# group: elkarbackup

Otherwise, fix it removing all extended ACL entries:

setfacl -bn /var/spool/elkarbackup

And restore the default permissions:

setfacl g::r-x /var/spool/elkarbackup
setfacl o::r-x /var/spool/elkarbackup

Is there a way to see the generated rsnapshot configuration file?

Yes. Add "config" in your Job URL: http://myelkarbackup/client/1/job/1/config

Can this tool make an exact copy of the permissions structure of windows?

No, Rsync (Rsnapshot) does not preserve Windows files permissions.

Backup job fails: "Lockfile /tmp/something.pid exists and so does its process, can not continue"

There is a pending job running linked to the same task. You can kill the process and remove the pid file. If you always have the same problem, check the following possible causes:

  • This issue can be caused by a bad schedule. You should know that Elkarbackup will automatically manage multiple task levels related to one job (hourly, daily, monthly, etc) when they are scheduled the same day and at the same time. If they have different time configured, it might be a conflict if the first task didn't finish before the second one start time (#106).
  • Are you using elkarbackup-deduplicate ? Disable it and try again

Backup job fails with QUOTA EXCEEDED and I can't rerun the task

You need to modify Quota option (Client edition). You can set -1 to disable quota.

Can I set a backup path with whitespaces?

NOTE: It seems that this issue is fixed in RSnapshot 1.4

No. RSnapshot 1.3.1 doesn't allow special characters on snapshots root or backup point. Our advice is to put it inside a normalized directory name. You can fix that using symbolic links. Yes, also on Windows: mklink /j h:\mydir "h:\My Directory"

Can I use directories with spaces in exclude/include option?

NOTE: this will change in ElkarBackup 1.1.5

The recommended way is using the quotation mark: /tmp/Documents?and?Settings

Yes. You should use backslashes: directory\ with\ spaces

If you have a version older than 1.1.3 and it doesn't work, try with: 'directory with spaces'

You can also use ?: /tmp/Documents?and?Settings

Is there a way to run a job from the command line?

Currently, we only support the "Enqueue now" option from web UI. It allows you to add one or multiple jobs to the queue (check de Status window). The scheduler will start running in less than a minute.

Note: the Enqueue now option will only run the lowest retain level (the one that syncs). It can provoke a backup rotation in that level, meaning the loose of relevant information.

Alternatively, you can test your policies passing the "tick" command a specific date and time:

su - elkarbackup
app/console elkarbackup:tick "2018-10-15 21:00"

The above command will run all the backup jobs corresponding to that day and time.

Note: the old run_job command has been deprecated since v1.3.0

Is it possible to limit the used bandwidth?

After ElkarBackup 1.2 you can add custom Rsync parameters and yes, you can limit the bandwidth adding this to the "Rsync long args" (under the client edition screen):


Can we use a non-standard SSH port in the client?

After ElkarBackup 1.2 you can configure a client with a custom SSH port like 2222. You should add the following parameter in the "SSH args" (under the client edition screen):


Remotely job execution?

After ElkarBackup 1.2 you can "Run now" a job remotely. To do that, you need to generate a token in the client configuration window:

curl -k -d "token=0602f4a69af07fcb1327cc8d3f1371e7"

I don't remember root's password. Is there any way to reset the password?

/usr/share/elkarbackup/app/console elkarbackup:create_admin --reset
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