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After three years of (albeit inconsistent) work, the ElkArte Community is pleased to announce the release of the stable version of ElkArte 1.1, the first minor update to the ElkArte 1.x line of software.

Talking about a "minor" release sounds a bit diminished, since many things were changed, especially in the code, but still we decided not to increase the major version because anyway the changes are not too architecturally deep.

Some of the most exciting new features present in ElkArte 1.1:

  • Inline Attachments allow displaying of attachment thumbnails inline with the text of the post
  • "Permanent" drafts (i.e. Drafts saved by the user are not purged, while system auto-saved drafts are)
  • A better implementation of notifications with more granular control for both the end-users and the admins
  • Added 2FA, two factor authentication
  • Desktop notifications and number of unread notifications "live" in the favicon of the browser
  • Replacement of bitmap/jpeg/png and Font Awesome icons with modern SVG images where possible
  • New version of Editor with many improvements (including the undo/redo plugin)
  • Better separation of "structure" and "colors" in theme and variants to improve the theme flexibility
  • Consolidation of theme CSS classes and colors to simplify the customization
  • Many layout "tweaks" to improve user experience
  • Use of HTML structural elements in the page markup (header, section, article, aside, etc)
  • PM reporting now has it's own page (previously it was just a PM to the admin)
  • Ajax recent activity tabs in the view profile area
  • Built in attachment lightbox with prev/next arrow navigation
  • Like statistics page (most liked posts, members, etc)
  • Added mail-check function during registration to catch common email input errors and provide did you mean suggestions
  • Moving-range for calendar limit (instead of the old fixed range)
  • Separation of the php-cache from the theme-assets-cache
  • Update scripts to use JQuery3
  • Improved internal admin settings search
  • Email bounce detection when using post by email functions
  • several other improvements and fixes

On the coding-side:

  • Raised minimum version of PHP to 5.3.3
  • Support for php up to 7.2
  • Class autoloader added
  • Almost complete rewrite of the BB-code parser for improved speed
  • preparsecode function updated for improved speed
  • Much wider use of OOP compared to 1.0
  • Use of http request class to consolidate all interaction with POST/GET
  • New Session framework
  • New Settings form framework
  • A new way to "plug" into controllers with "modules"
  • New methods for the database abstraction (fetchQuery, fetchQueryCallback)
  • and counting.

But, as usual, the best way to know about ElkArte is to download the software and install it in order to discover all the features, and if you have any doubt feel free to join the forum at elkarte.net and ask!