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Ellaism Meta

This is the project management repo for Ellaism. You can use this repo to find volunteer opportunities or to request fundings for your Ellaism-related project.

If you would like to become an Ellaism developer, or if you would like to help managing issues, wikis and kanbans for Ellaism, please let us know by creating a new issue in this repository and introducing yourself. We will then give you approriate write access to this Github organization. While you are there, remember to follow our Github organization rules.

Github Organization Rules

We have some basic rules for this Github organization to keep everything run smoothly. Find more information, refer to this document.

Financial Reports

We post Ellaism Core's financial reports here every month. You can find the latest edition here.

Ideas and Projects Requiring Fundings

Create a new issue in this repo if you have an idea or a project that needs funding. Ask people with access rights to this repo to give it approriate labels "idea" or "funding required". Include the donation address in the issue description if applicable.


Ellaism doesn't have an ICO and is a coin without pre-mine. Donations are welcomed to keep those that contributed to the coin rewarded. You can find donation addresses to developers and community members here. Send a pull request to the ellaism.org repository to request to be added to the donation list.