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Unfortunately, this project is no longer maintained.

I now have other priorities in my life and no longer have time to update this library. Email me at if you'd like to reach me.

🎀 Hi! I'm Shiori, a Bootstrap-based Jekyll Theme. 🎀

🎀 Live Demo 🎀

You can view the live demo of myself here.

🎀 Screenshots 🎀


🎀 Color Schemes 🎀

I wear different colors (based on Flat UI Colors):








🎀 Usage 🎀

Note: If you're not familiar with Jekyll, please read up on Jekyll's documentation first.

Fork this repo, clone it, and then run:

bundle install

...which installs github-pages gem. After that, run the server:

jekyll serve --watch

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

Once the server is started, you must go to http://localhost:4000/shiori/, since baseurl is set as "/shiori" initially.

To use http://localhost:4000/, change baseurl in _config.yml to "" .

Keeping Shiori Up to Date

To keep Shiori up to date, follow these steps:

  1. Configure a remote for a fork
  2. Sync a fork (Note: Use gh-pages instead of master.)

🎀 Customization 🎀


You should change these files before deploying:

  • _config.yml: You must change baseurl, url, and title. Others are optional.
    • Make sure to restart the server after you update _config.yml.
  • CNAME: Change this to host Shiori on a custom domain.
  • Write your own README!
  • _includes/nav.html: Modify or remove navigation links.
  • _includes/nav-right.html: Modify or remove navigation links.
  • _includes/sidebar.html: Customize the side bar.
  • _includes/post-header.html: Customize the post header.
  • _includes/post-footer.html: Customize the post footer.
  • _includes/footer.html: Add copyright info, etc.


You may customize these files - they're optional:

  • favicon.ico: Favicon.
  • about.html: About page. Currently not linked from anywhere.
  • _includes/head.html: Extra stuff in the <head> tag.
  • _includes/scripts.html: Extra stuff before the </body> tag.
  • _includes/post-header-home.html: Customize the post header on the home page.

Customize the Theme

To change my color theme, edit _data/theme.yml.

Add Your Own CSS

You can customize CSS by editing these files:

  • _sass/custom-bootstrap-variables.scss: Change Bootstrap variables (documentation).
  • _sass/custom-scss.scss: Add your own custom CSS.

Category Pages

If you want to make category pages, you must manually push the generated _site directory to GitHub. If you're still okay with that, @alextsui05 made an excellent demo and tutorial for category pages. You can see his code on this pull request.

🎀 Author 🎀

Elle Kasai

Special Thanks


MIT License

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