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Watermark your app with a secured image (e.g. if sending to client). App will not open if image has been tampered with
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Add a watermark to your application which cannot be changed after you build the app. If the image file is changed, the app will fail to run (give a system alert and quit).

## License

MIT license, no warranty

## Usage

Get the hash

In terminal, navigate to the image which you want to find the hash for, and do the following:

% md5 ./logo_white.png 
MD5 (./logo_white.png) = 90c6b3efdead156592bf17985d0b6b58

This hash is 128 bits long. It is extermely difficult for somebody to replace the watermark image with a different image, whilst keeping the hash the same. This means that our program can simply check to make sure that the image which it is loading has the same hash as the one hardcoded into the program.

### Code

In your cpp file:

testApp::setup() {
	watermark.init("logo_white.png", "90c6b3efdead156592bf17985d0b6b58");


testApp::draw() {

	watermark.draw(); //draws in bottom right
	// or
	watermark.draw(10, 10); // watermark also inherits ofImage

In your h file:

#include "ofxWatermark.h"

class testApp : public ofApp {

	ofxWatermark watermark;

### Other notes

If you're on osx, you probably want to copy the image into your app package, and change your data folder to match, e.g.:

add this to your 'Run script' in Target>Build Phases

cp -r ./bin/data/*.png "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$"

and add this to the top of your setup function:

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