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This rcfile is elliptic's DCSS bot "qw", the first (and thus far only) bot to win DCSS with no human assistance. A substantial amount of code here was contributed by elliott or borrowed from N78291's bot "xw", and many others have contributed as well.

This repository is not currently maintained; for a maintained version that runs on current versions of DCSS see:

The current version of qw can start as any species/background combination and has some basic grasp of how many of the gods work (see qw.rc for configuration details). Note though that most spells and racial abilities aren't used, and qw is not very good at most combos! Its best 3-rune combo at the moment is DDFi^Makhleb, which manages a winrate of about 15% in offline testing. It can optionally try to get more runes, with its preferred combo for that being GrFi^Okawaru, converting to TSO after Slime (15-rune winrate for this build is about 1%).

running on remote DCSS server

  • go to e.g.
  • click "(edit rc)" link for DCSS trunk
  • replace text that were here with contents of qw.rc file from this repo
  • in ": DELAYED = false" and ": AUTO_START = false" lines change "false" to "true"
  • you may also want to edit some of the configuration lines near the top of qw.rc (for instance to choose which combos qw will play)
  • save and run DCSS trunk (either in webtiles or in console)
  • enjoy!

Since clua works on the server side, webtiles drawing can lag behind things actually happening, so the IRC bot Sequell may tell you your character killed Sigmund or died to him before you see that with your own eyes. To see more current events just refresh the page and press "Tab". Alternatively, run or watch the bot in console (via ssh).

If you are familiar with Sequell, please add the name of the account that you are using for qw to the "bot" nick with "!nick bot " so that games on the account can be easily filtered out of queries. (Also, please don't run qw on the same account that you use for your own personal games!)

running locally

  • clone this repo
  • run crawl locally with command like "./crawl -rc qw/qw.rc"
  • enter name if necessary and start game. If you did not change "AUTO_START" variable, press "Tab"
  • enjoy!

The file qw.exp is a simple expect script that automates running qw for many games in a row. The "AUTO_START" variable should be left at false when when using this. (With minor modifications, this can also be used to run games on a remote server over ssh.)

miscellaneous tips for coding/testing qw

  • run qw locally with the DCSS command-line option -seed to use a seeded RNG for (mostly) reproducible testing
  • uncomment the "say(plandata[2])" line in the cascade function to track what the bot is doing (very spammy)
  • put code you want to test in the "ttt()" funtion on the bottom; make it run by macroing some key to "===ttt"


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