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Elmish templates


This repository contains the following templates:

Name Short Name Description
Fable.Template.Elmish.React fable-elmish-react This template will help set up a minimal elmish application to start a new project

How to use ?

⚠️ You can't use . or - in your project name. We are already tracking this issue and wait for a fix in dotnet template ⚠️

# First we install the template using the is Name
# For dotnet 1.x
dotnet new -i Fable.Template.Elmish.React::*
# For dotnet 2.x
dotnet new -i Fable.Template.Elmish.React

# Create a project called "awesome" using the Short Name of the template
# If you want to use yarn instead of npm add --yarn at the end of the command
dotnet new fable-elmish-react -n awesome -lang f#

# Move into your new project directory
cd awesome


To release a new version:

  1. Update the Release Notes
  2. Update the version in src/react/Fable.Template.Elmish.React.proj
  3. Run dotnet fsi build.fsx