A collection of .NET and software development questions in JSON format.
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.NET Interview Questions

A collection of .NET and software development questions in JSON format.

What is this?

This is the data behind my .NET Interview Preparation Flash Cards app, that I released in 2011.

Now, I just learned that it is broken again with the latest version of Android (Lollipop).

The questions, answers, and mobile app technology used in my .NET Interview Preparation Flash Cards are all from 2011, and I just learned that it's broken in Android Lollipop, so I've decided to simply open source the questions and answers themselves, and let others build on them if they wish.

Why isn't the data more hierarchical?

Why don't you shut your face? I'm kidding! I could give you a few reasons that might sound valid, like for example: It started out as XML for use in a Windows application, and then I converted it later (using an automated tool) to JSON, so there's a little weirdness there because of that conversion.

But, the truth is because I didn't set it up properly the first time. I would do it much differently now, and in fact, if anyone wants to clean it up, have at it.

Free to use in your own projects

You can use these questions and answers in your own works, even commercially, if you desire. You can change them if you want, add to them, etc. All I ask is a little attribution (Dave Haynes / Downcast Systems LLC), and, if possible, a link to http://downcastsystems.com.


If you would like to make contributions, fixes, or updates, sure, go for it, but whatever you add to the official repo here will be covered under the MIT license, meaning that I and anyone else can use it too in personal and commercial projects.

Why not release the full .NET Interview Preparation Flash Cards project?

Because, as I mentioned above, the technology is all from 2011, when cross-platform app toolkits were still new, and I was new to app development. I just hacked it together as best I could at the time. I don't think anyone would learn much from it, except perhaps what not to do. :-) So, go build your own!


I wrote a book (How to Find and Land a Microsoft.NET Development Job) first, then wrote the app to go along with it:


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