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Connecting to Google apis has never been easier!
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Build Status Python version

Connecting to Google apis has never been easier!


  • Easy and Fast connection to google apis
  • Auto-renewable access token


goco requires Python 3.

Use pip to install the package from PyPI:

pip install goco

Or, install the latest version of the package from GitHub:

pip install git+


Using goco to connect to blogger::

# Blogger example
from goco import Goco

GoogleApi = Goco("path\\to\\client_secret.json")

MyBlog = GoogleApi.connect(scope='Blogger', service_name='blogger', version='v3')

Posts = MyBlog.posts().list(blogId='7599400532066909387').execute()



Here are a few sample tests:


Please contribute! If you want to fix a bug, suggest improvements, or add new features to the project, just open an issue or send me a pull request.

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