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Mesos in Vagrant


This project provides Vagrant environment for running Mesos cluster.

You should be familiar with:

General Info

Vagrantfile creates Mesos cluster with following nodes:

  • master;
  • slave0..slave(N-1) (N is specified in Vagrantfile);

Master node provides WEB UI listening on http://master:5050 Both master and slave nodes runs Mesos slave daemons.

Master node has pre-installed marathon scheduler. Slave nodes may have pre-installed docker (uncomment in

Host's public key, placed in vagrant/.vagrant dir, will be copied to authorized_hosts, so direct access like ssh vagrant@master|slaveX should work.

Nodes ssh keys are pre-generated and added to each node's authorized_hosts. So internode ssh should work without password.

For general Mesos overview please refer to

Host Names

During first run Vagrantfile creates hosts file which contains host names for cluster nodes. It is recommended to append the content of its "cluster nodes" section to /etc/hosts (or other OS-specific location) of the running (hosting) OS to be able to refer master and slaves by names.


Mesos master and slaves daemons are started automatically.

Each slave node runs 'mesos-slave' daemon while master runs both 'mesos-master' and 'mesos-slave' daemons.

Daemons could be controlled by using: /etc/init.d/mesos-{master|slave} {start|stop|status|restart}


Configuration is read from the following locations:

  • /etc/mesos, /etc/mesos-{master|slave} for general or master|slave specific CLI options;
  • /etc/default/mesos, /etc/default/mesos-{master|slave} for general or master|slave specific environment vars;

Please refer to CLI of 'mesos-master|slave' daemons and /usr/bin/mesos-init-wrapper for details.


Logs are written to /var/log/mesos/mesos-{master|slave}.*