Quick up and running using Scala for Apache Kafka
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Quick up and running using Scala for Apache Kafka

Use Vagrant to get up and running.

  1. Install Vagrant http://www.vagrantup.com/
  2. Install Virtual Box https://www.virtualbox.org/

In the main kafka folder

  1. vagrant up
  2. ./gradlew test

once this is done

  • Zookeeper will be running
  • Broker 1 on
  • All the tests in src/test/scala/* should pass

If you want you can login to the machines using vagrant ssh but you don't need to.

You can access the brokers and zookeeper by their IP from your local without having to go into vm.


bin/kafka-console-producer.sh --broker-list --topic

bin/kafka-console-consumer.sh --zookeeper --topic --from-beginning


Scala-kafka and Go-kafka working together using Apache Avro and Schema Registry

Install Docker https://docs.docker.com/installation/#installation

In the main scala-kafka folder

  1. ./gradlew scalago jar
  2. ./start-scala-go.sh
  3. ./stop-scala-go.sh