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Version 241.1 Release

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@Yamakuzure Yamakuzure released this 10 Mar 18:32

This is the first release of the elogind-241 series, based on systemd-stable commit a09c170122.

This is the first release that is fully ABI compatible to libsystemd, meaning that applications built against libsystemd can be used with libelogind as drop-in replacement.

Please note that elogind can not include or simulate all of the functionality libsystemd provides.

  • sd_is_mq() always returns 0. elogind does not use POSIX message queues, and this one function would add a dependency on librt. Please see man 3 sd_is_mq for information about how you can get around depending on this function.

  • sd-hwdb.h consists of stubs which do nothing and return -ENOSYS.

  • sd-journal.h does not provide any functionality to work with systemd journals. The functions to log messages from the sd_journal_print* and sj_journal_send* families reroute to syslog.

  • Functions working with systemd slices work re-use session functions, as sessions and slices are the same in elogind.

  • Functions working with systemd units do nothing and return -ENODATA.

All these functions are documented in their corresponding man pages.