An android slideshow/screensaver gallery for photos. A few photos are part of the apk, while the rest are downloaded from the back-end (currently supports opml xml file, but can easily be extended). Support android 2.1 - 4.0 and is optimized for phones, tablets and GoogleTV
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This project is the result of the open-sourcing of the app Photo Voyages of Trey Ratcliff
Market link paid:
Market link free:

A reference app with the latest feature are available at the market for free

- Combination of a few "hardcoded" photos that are part of the apk, whilst the rest come from a back-end are downloaded asynchronously
- Presentation of each photo in fullscreen, with optional title and description
- Fade-in/fade-out transition after x seconds
- Swipe to swap photos
- Share photo
- Set as wallpaper
- Promotional photos that act as advertisement for any paid version of the app
- Extended caching (compared to out-of-the box from the android Gallery component)
- Last-in/first-out queue for all file IO read which also checks if the View has been garbage collected in the mean time

This android app can be used as a basis for your own slideshow or photoframe app. Feel free to fork it!

Currently, it support the following back-ends:
- (recommended) Flickr public set (through the class FlickrPublicSetBackend)
- OPML over HTTP (through the class OPMLBackend)
- SmugMug Recent photos (through the class SmugMugRecentBackend)

In order to create a new app, search through the code for TODO-FORK and make sure you provide the necessary updates at these points.