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Syntactic Close Build Status

Insert closing delimiter char(s), i.e. parenthesis, bracket(s), brace(s) or whatever is needed - think of syntactic consequence.

Honor multi-char pairs like triplequoted string, padding and escape-sequences.

For example when called at the end of an open string like

"\(^ *\|^Foo: *\|\( BAR\|'s\|Bad\|BAZ\|Bnter\(?: \(?:\(?:sam\|th

C-u M-x syntactic-close RET should result in

"\(^ *\|^Foo: *\|\( BAR\|'s\|Bad\|BAZ\|Bnter\(?: \(?:\(?:sam\|th\)\)\)\)\)"

That way continuation may be inserted by just one key.

A first draft was proposed at emacs-devel mailing-list: