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;;; helm-misc.el --- Various functions for helm -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2012 ~ 2016 Thierry Volpiatto <thierry.volpiatto@gmail.com>
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl-lib)
(require 'helm)
(require 'helm-help)
(require 'helm-types)
(declare-function display-time-world-display "time.el")
(defvar display-time-world-list)
(declare-function LaTeX-math-mode "ext:latex.el")
(declare-function jabber-chat-with "ext:jabber.el")
(declare-function jabber-read-account "ext:jabber.el")
(defgroup helm-misc nil
"Various Applications and libraries for Helm."
:group 'helm)
(defcustom helm-time-zone-home-location "Paris"
"The time zone of your home"
:group 'helm-misc
:type 'string)
(defcustom helm-timezone-actions
'(("Set timezone env (TZ)" . (lambda (candidate)
(setenv "TZ" candidate))))
"Actions for helm-timezone."
:group 'helm-misc
:type '(alist :key-type string :value-type function))
(defcustom helm-mini-default-sources '(helm-source-buffers-list
"Default sources list used in `helm-mini'."
:group 'helm-misc
:type '(repeat (choice symbol)))
(defface helm-time-zone-current
'((t (:foreground "green")))
"Face used to colorize current time in `helm-world-time'."
:group 'helm-misc)
(defface helm-time-zone-home
'((t (:foreground "red")))
"Face used to colorize home time in `helm-world-time'."
:group 'helm-misc)
;;; Latex completion
(defvar LaTeX-math-menu)
(defun helm-latex-math-candidates ()
"Collect candidates for latex math completion."
(cl-loop for i in (cddr LaTeX-math-menu)
for elm = (cl-loop for s in i when (vectorp s)
collect (cons (aref s 0) (aref s 1)))
append elm))
(defvar helm-source-latex-math
(helm-build-sync-source "Latex Math Menu"
:init (lambda ()
(LaTeX-math-mode 1)))
:candidate-number-limit 9999
:candidates 'helm-latex-math-candidates
:action (lambda (candidate)
(call-interactively candidate))))
;;; Jabber Contacts (jabber.el)
(defun helm-jabber-online-contacts ()
"List online Jabber contacts."
(cl-loop for item in (jabber-concat-rosters)
when (get item 'connected)
(if (get item 'name)
(cons (get item 'name) item)
(cons (symbol-name item) item)))))
(defvar helm-source-jabber-contacts
(helm-build-sync-source "Jabber Contacts"
:init (lambda () (require 'jabber))
:candidates (lambda () (mapcar 'car (helm-jabber-online-contacts)))
:action (lambda (x)
(cdr (assoc x (helm-jabber-online-contacts))))))))
;;; World time
(defun helm-time-zone-transformer (candidates _source)
(cl-loop for i in candidates
for (z . p) in display-time-world-list
(cond ((string-match (format-time-string "%H:%M" (current-time)) i)
(propertize i 'face 'helm-time-zone-current))
((string-match helm-time-zone-home-location i)
(propertize i 'face 'helm-time-zone-home))
(t i))
(defvar helm-source-time-world
(helm-build-in-buffer-source "Time World List"
:data (lambda ()
(display-time-world-display display-time-world-list)
:action 'helm-timezone-actions
:filtered-candidate-transformer 'helm-time-zone-transformer))
;;; LaCarte
(declare-function lacarte-get-overall-menu-item-alist "ext:lacarte.el" (&optional MAPS))
(defun helm-lacarte-candidate-transformer (cands)
(mapcar (lambda (cand)
(let* ((item (car cand))
(match (string-match "[^>] \\((.*)\\)$" item)))
(when match
(put-text-property (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1)
'face 'helm-M-x-key item))
(defclass helm-lacarte (helm-source-sync helm-type-command)
((init :initform (lambda () (require 'lacarte)))
(candidates :initform 'helm-lacarte-get-candidates)
(candidate-transformer :initform 'helm-lacarte-candidate-transformer)
(candidate-number-limit :initform 9999)))
(defun helm-lacarte-get-candidates (&optional maps)
"Extract candidates for menubar using lacarte.el.
See http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/download/lacarte.el.
Optional argument MAPS is a list specifying which keymaps to use: it
can contain the symbols `local', `global', and `minor', mean the
current local map, current global map, and all current minor maps."
;; When a keymap doesn't have a [menu-bar] entry
;; the filtered map returned and passed to
;; `lacarte-get-a-menu-item-alist-22+' is nil, which
;; fails because this code is not protected for such case.
(condition-case nil
(lacarte-get-overall-menu-item-alist maps)
(error nil))))
(defun helm-browse-menubar ()
"Preconfigured helm to the menubar using lacarte.el."
(require 'lacarte)
(helm :sources (mapcar
(lambda (spec) (helm-make-source (car spec) 'helm-lacarte
(lambda ()
(helm-lacarte-get-candidates (cdr spec)))))
'(("Major Mode" . (local))
("Minor Modes" . (minor))
("Global Map" . (global))))
:buffer "*helm lacarte*"))
(defun helm-call-interactively (cmd-or-name)
"Execute CMD-OR-NAME as Emacs command.
It is added to `extended-command-history'.
`helm-current-prefix-arg' is used as the command's prefix argument."
(setq extended-command-history
(cons (helm-stringify cmd-or-name)
(delete (helm-stringify cmd-or-name) extended-command-history)))
(let ((current-prefix-arg helm-current-prefix-arg)
(cmd (helm-symbolify cmd-or-name)))
(if (stringp (symbol-function cmd))
(execute-kbd-macro (symbol-function cmd))
(setq this-command cmd)
(call-interactively cmd))))
;;; Minibuffer History
(defvar helm-source-minibuffer-history
(helm-build-sync-source "Minibuffer History"
:header-name (lambda (name)
(format "%s (%s)" name minibuffer-history-variable))
(lambda ()
(let ((history (cl-loop for i in
(symbol-value minibuffer-history-variable)
unless (string= "" i) collect i)))
(if (consp (car history))
(mapcar 'prin1-to-string history)
:migemo t
:multiline t
:action (lambda (candidate)
(insert candidate))))
;;; Shell history
(defun helm-comint-input-ring-action (candidate)
"Default action for comint history."
(delete-region (comint-line-beginning-position) (point-max))
(insert candidate)))
(defvar helm-source-comint-input-ring
(helm-build-sync-source "Comint history"
:candidates (lambda ()
(ring-elements comint-input-ring)))
:action 'helm-comint-input-ring-action)
"Source that provide helm completion against `comint-input-ring'.")
;;; Helm ratpoison UI
(defvar helm-source-ratpoison-commands
(helm-build-in-buffer-source "Ratpoison Commands"
:init 'helm-ratpoison-commands-init
:action (helm-make-actions
"Execute the command" 'helm-ratpoison-commands-execute)
:display-to-real 'helm-ratpoison-commands-display-to-real
:candidate-number-limit 999999))
(defun helm-ratpoison-commands-init ()
(unless (helm-candidate-buffer)
(with-current-buffer (helm-candidate-buffer 'global)
;; with ratpoison prefix key
(call-process "ratpoison" nil (current-buffer) nil "-c" "help"))
(while (re-search-forward "^\\([^ ]+\\) \\(.+\\)$" nil t)
(replace-match "<ratpoison> \\1: \\2"))
(goto-char (point-max))
;; direct binding
(call-process "ratpoison" nil (current-buffer) nil "-c" "help top"))
(while (re-search-forward "^\\([^ ]+\\) \\(.+\\)$" nil t)
(replace-match "\\1: \\2")))))
(defun helm-ratpoison-commands-display-to-real (display)
(and (string-match ": " display)
(substring display (match-end 0))))
(defun helm-ratpoison-commands-execute (candidate)
(call-process "ratpoison" nil nil nil "-ic" candidate))
;;; Helm stumpwm UI
(defvar helm-source-stumpwm-commands
(helm-build-in-buffer-source "Stumpwm Commands"
:init 'helm-stumpwm-commands-init
:action (helm-make-actions
"Execute the command" 'helm-stumpwm-commands-execute)
:candidate-number-limit 999999))
(defun helm-stumpwm-commands-init ()
(with-current-buffer (helm-candidate-buffer 'global)
(call-process "stumpish" nil (current-buffer) nil "commands"))
(while (re-search-forward "[ ]*\\([^ ]+\\)[ ]*\n?" nil t)
(replace-match "\n\\1\n"))
(sort-lines nil (point-min) (point-max))
(goto-char (point-max))))
(defun helm-stumpwm-commands-execute (candidate)
(call-process "stumpish" nil nil nil candidate))
(defun helm-world-time ()
"Preconfigured `helm' to show world time.
Default action change TZ environment variable locally to emacs."
(helm-other-buffer 'helm-source-time-world "*helm world time*"))
(defun helm-insert-latex-math ()
"Preconfigured helm for latex math symbols completion."
(helm-other-buffer 'helm-source-latex-math "*helm latex*"))
(defun helm-ratpoison-commands ()
"Preconfigured `helm' to execute ratpoison commands."
(helm-other-buffer 'helm-source-ratpoison-commands
"*helm ratpoison commands*"))
(defun helm-stumpwm-commands()
"Preconfigured helm for stumpwm commands."
(helm-other-buffer 'helm-source-stumpwm-commands
"*helm stumpwm commands*"))
(defun helm-minibuffer-history ()
"Preconfigured `helm' for `minibuffer-history'."
(let ((enable-recursive-minibuffers t))
(helm :sources 'helm-source-minibuffer-history
:buffer "*helm minibuffer-history*")))
(defun helm-comint-input-ring ()
"Preconfigured `helm' that provide completion of `comint' history."
(when (derived-mode-p 'comint-mode)
(helm :sources 'helm-source-comint-input-ring
:input (buffer-substring-no-properties (comint-line-beginning-position)
:buffer "*helm comint history*")))
(provide 'helm-misc)
;; Local Variables:
;; byte-compile-warnings: (not cl-functions obsolete)
;; coding: utf-8
;; indent-tabs-mode: nil
;; End:
;;; helm-misc.el ends here