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;;; js2r-helpers.el --- Private helper functions for js2-refactor
;; Copyright (C) 2012-2014 Magnar Sveen
;; Copyright (C) 2015 Magnar Sveen and Nicolas Petton
;; Author: Magnar Sveen <>,
;; Nicolas Petton <>
;; Keywords: conveniences
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Code:
(require 'dash)
(require 's)
(defun js2r--fix-special-modifier-combinations (key)
(case key
("C-s-i" "s-TAB")
("C-s-m" "s-RET")
(otherwise key)))
(defun js2r--key-pairs-with-modifier (modifier keys)
(->> (string-to-list keys)
(--map (js2r--fix-special-modifier-combinations
(concat modifier (char-to-string it))))
(s-join " ")
(defun js2r--key-pairs-with-prefix (prefix keys)
(read-kbd-macro (concat prefix " " keys)))
(defun js2r--guard ()
(when js2-parsed-errors
(error "Can't refactor while buffer has parse errors")))
(defun js2r--current-quotes-char ()
"The char that is the current quote delimiter"
(nth 3 (syntax-ppss)))
(defalias 'js2r--point-inside-string-p 'js2r--current-quotes-char)
(defun js2r--closest-node-where (p node)
(if (or (null node)
(apply p node nil))
(js2r--closest-node-where p (js2-node-parent node))))
(defun js2r--closest (p)
((bolp) (back-to-indentation))
((looking-at ";") (forward-char -1))
((looking-back ";") (forward-char -2))
((looking-back "}") (forward-char -1)))
(js2r--closest-node-where p (js2-node-at-point))))
(defun js2r--goto-and-delete-node (node)
(goto-char (js2-node-abs-pos node))
(delete-char (js2-node-len node)))
(defun js2r--path-to-root (node)
(when node
(cons node (js2r--path-to-root (js2-node-parent node)))))
(defun js2r--first-common-ancestor (node1 node2)
(if (eq node1 node2)
(let ((path1 (reverse (js2r--path-to-root node1)))
(path2 (reverse (js2r--path-to-root node2)))
(last-common nil))
(while (eq (car path1) (car path2))
(setq last-common (car path1))
(setq path1 (cdr path1))
(setq path2 (cdr path2)))
(defun js2r--first-common-ancestor-in-region (beg end)
(js2r--first-common-ancestor (js2-node-at-point beg)
(js2-node-at-point end)))
;; abstract away node type on some common property getters
(defun js2r--node-target (node)
((js2-call-node-p node) (js2-call-node-target node))
((js2-new-node-p node) (js2-new-node-target node))
(:else nil)))
(defun js2r--node-args (node)
((js2-call-node-p node) (js2-call-node-args node))
((js2-new-node-p node) (js2-new-node-args node))
(:else nil)))
(defun js2r--node-lp (node)
((js2-call-node-p node) (js2-call-node-lp node))
((js2-new-node-p node) (js2-new-node-lp node))
(:else nil)))
(defun js2r--node-rp (node)
((js2-call-node-p node) (js2-call-node-rp node))
((js2-new-node-p node) (js2-new-node-rp node))
(:else nil)))
(defun js2r--node-kids (node)
((js2-function-node-p node) (js2-block-node-kids (js2-function-node-body node)))
((js2-if-node-p node) (js2-scope-kids (js2-if-node-then-part node)))
((js2-for-node-p node) (js2-block-node-kids (js2-for-node-body node)))
((js2-while-node-p node) (js2-block-node-kids (js2-while-node-body node)))))
;; finding expressions and arguments
(defun js2r--closest-extractable-node ()
"Return the most appropriate node the be extracted into a variable or paramter.
Lookup the closest expression node from the point, or the closest literal node instead.
If no node is found, signal an error."
(or (or (js2r--closest #'js2r--expression-p)
(js2r--closest #'js2r--literal-node-p))
(error "Cannot perform refactoring: Nothing to extract at point")))
(defun js2r--closest-stmt-node ()
"Return the closest standalone statement node.
Special care is taken for if branch nodes: if a statement node is
part of an if branch node (like 'else if' nodes), return the
parent node."
(let* ((node (js2-node-parent-stmt (js2-node-at-point)))
(parent (js2-node-parent node)))
(if (and (js2-if-node-p node)
(js2-if-node-p parent))
(defun js2r--argument-p (node)
(let ((parent (js2-node-parent node)))
(and (js2-call-node-p parent)
(member node (js2-call-node-args parent)))))
(defun js2r--expression-p (node)
(or (js2-call-node-p node)
(js2r--argument-p node)
(and (js2-prop-get-node-p node)
(not (js2-call-node-p (js2-node-parent node))))))
(defun js2r--literal-node-p (node)
(or (js2-object-node-p node)
(js2-string-node-p node)
(js2-number-node-p node)
(js2r--boolean-node-p node)))
(defun js2r--boolean-node-p (node)
(let* ((beg (js2-node-abs-pos node))
(end (js2-node-abs-end node))
(content (buffer-substring beg end)))
(and (js2-keyword-node-p node)
(member content '("true" "false")))))
(defun js2r--single-complete-expression-between-p (beg end)
(let ((ancestor (js2r--first-common-ancestor-in-region beg (- end 1))))
(and (= beg (js2-node-abs-pos ancestor))
(= end (js2-node-abs-end ancestor)))))
;; executing a list of changes
;; ensures changes are executed from last to first
(defun js2r--by-end-descending (change1 change2)
(> (plist-get change1 :end)
(plist-get change2 :end)))
(defun js2r--any-overlapping-changes (sorted-changes)
(let ((one (car it))
(two (cadr it)))
(< (plist-get one :beg)
(plist-get two :end)))
(-partition-in-steps 2 1 sorted-changes)))
(defun js2r--execute-changes (changes)
(when changes
(let ((sorted-changes (sort changes 'js2r--by-end-descending)))
(when (js2r--any-overlapping-changes sorted-changes)
(error "These changes overlap, cannot execute properly."))
(let ((abs-end (set-marker (make-marker) (1+ (plist-get (car sorted-changes) :end))))
(abs-beg (plist-get (car (last sorted-changes)) :beg)))
(--each sorted-changes
(goto-char (plist-get it :beg))
(delete-char (- (plist-get it :end) (plist-get it :beg)))
(insert (plist-get it :contents)))
(indent-region abs-beg abs-end)
(set-marker abs-end nil)))))
(provide 'js2r-helpers)
;;; js2-helpers.el ends here