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In HTML emails links_in_email will include the URIs specified in the Doctype URI, any HTML namespace tags.


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns='' xml:lang='en' lang='en'>

This breaks click_first_link_in_email for HTML emails because the first link is in this example.

I patched my version to this hacky solulution:

def links_in_email(email)
  URI.extract(email.default_part_body.to_s, ['http', 'https']).reject do |link|
    ['', ''].include? URI.parse(link).host

An ideal solution would probably use Nokogiri to get the links from all the <a href=...> elements

Here's a better solution:

def links_in_email(email)
  part = email.default_part
  if part.content_type =~ /text\/html/
    Nokogiri::HTML::Document.parse(part.body.to_s).search('a').map{|a| a[:href] }
    URI.extract(part.body.to_s, ['http', 'https'])

iblue commented Nov 28, 2011

URI.extract also does not work for URIs in single quotes (which are generated when using HAML).

URI.extract("<a href=3D''>Click me.</a>") # => ["'"]

Using @nicholaides solution would require Nokogiri, so I would suggest using some simple regular expressions instead.

Thanks for the workaround, @nicholaides!

It would be nice if this could be fixed in this gem. Nokogiri seems like a much more reliable solution than regular expressions.

If the dependency on Nokogiri is a problem (it's certainly not for me), what about making it optional?

One could either require 'nokogiri' and rescue LoadError, or check for defined?(Nokogiri)... and only if it's loaded, use Nokogiri in links_in_email....


bmabey commented Jun 4, 2013

Yeah, that sounds reasonable. I'll merge in a PR with optional Nokogiri support.

this issue is pretty old, but still valid

Systho commented Mar 22, 2017

still valid and with a working fix, could you merge it ?

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